"Live your life by Design."

---Alicia Amie

  • Model-Actress 23+ years
  • Voice Over Artist
  • Motivational Speaker 
  • Author
  • Business Coach
  • Life Coach
Alicia Amie was born and raised in the lovely city of Houston, TX.  She knew from a very young age that entertaining and encouraging others was her greatest passion.  Her career took flight right after high school in the fashion industry as a runway model, while simultaneously earning a B.A. in Communications from the University of Houston.  

From 2005-2015 Alicia worked as a leading Spokesmodel for General Motors. Alicia spent the first part of her career with GM as a primary specialist in alternative fuel solutions. One of her many accomplishments was representing GM at the Democratic and Republican National conventions in 2008. The latter part of her time was spent traveling abroad delivering product presentations in English, German and French for the C7 generation Corvette. She was coined with the nickname Lady Stingray.

As a Motivational Speaker Alicia has spoken to more than 50 different high schools and colleges throughout the Midwest and West Coast regions of the United States. She is passionate about inspiring others to live a purpose driven life by creating a roadmap that will lead you to your desired destiny.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
--- Howard Thurman

"If your dreams cannot be a reality then why do you have the ability to imagine...never give up!"
--- Alicia Amie

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The core of this book is ultimately about self-love. Because in order to love anyone else unconditionally you must first learn to love yourself completely. And when you begin to love yourself that spreads to everyone else.

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This is a 5 week virtual course designed to help you become the best version of yourself. If you want more, now is the perfect time to create it! Dreams don’t come true unless you make them happen. You have to become the mirror image of all that you crave. You have to become the living vibration of all your hopes, dreams and wishes. When you become all that you want you cannot help but get that reality. The roadblock for many comes down to wanting your dreams fulfilled without making adjustments in your life that will bring them into fruition. I am speaking from a personal perspective. One of the major hindrances that kept me from getting all of my desires, sooner vs later, was the fact that I kept saying I would change once I got what I wanted. Well let me tell you, “It doesn’t work like that.”

Everyone is made of energy and that’s what gives us all power and dominion over ourselves. Energy defined is the capacity for vigorous activity; available power. For those of you that have been associated with church you have heard them say that God has invested power in us all, i.g., the power invested in you. Your fate and destiny is created with every choice you make. Your destiny is not already written in stone. God created you to grow into exactly who you desire to be and to follow your dreams. Dream a bigger dream and become an inspiration for someone else.


Private Coaching

  • Business Improv, Career Management, Confidence Building, Public Speaking.
  • Online sessions available to students Worldwide.

Group Coaching

 Alicia has been instructing me with Film and Acting technique. Her insight, knowledge, and experience have given me the tools to be confident in being prepared to begin my journey with the audition process. 

Vickie Benson
Vickie BensonActing Lessons

 As an actress and teacher for Page Parkes Corporation Alicia Amie is a pleasure, professional, and extremely talented. Her beauty and business ability are infectious. 

Page Parkes
Page ParkesPage Parkes Corporation

 Alicia Amie is an incredible public speaker, life coach, actor/ model, author, entrepreneur and modeling instructor. I began working with Alicia over a year ago. During this time Alicia has totally changed my life by helping me to develope my on camera skill. Alicia's positive reinforcement teaching technique pushes you outside of your comfort zone. I was lacking self- confidence when I first met Alicia. Her positive energy and outlook helped me to overcome that fear by my second session with her. Recently, I had the honor of watching Alicia speak in front of a large crowd as she shared her life story. The way that she connected with each person in the audience was absolutely magical. Alicia is a person of passion, positivity, and persistence. From her tiny model age 4 and up to senior citizen. Once you come in contact with Alicia Amie your life will never be the same. 

Terrance Stephens
Terrance StephensActing Lessons (Private Training)

 Alicia is the most amazing runway instructor I've ever had! Her personalized critiques and motivational attitude really encourage me to be my best! Even in only two short classes, I feel much more comfortable in my ability to walk, and it's all thanks to her. Her fantastic personal experience really helps to uplift the overall environment. She radiates light and is such an amazing person! I highly recommend her class if you wanna be led on the path to success! 

Brook Miers
Brook MiersRunway Lessons

 I for sure found Coach Alicia to be a knowledgeable actor, skilled as a teacher and more precisely as a voice-over coach. What takes Coach Alicia to another level is her personality, she’s engaging and warm even when telling you nope, that wasn’t it, your delivery wasn’t authentic or true to the character or the script. I became comfortable with her fairly quickly. She made our voice-over sessions feel like we were physically in the same space and not having class online. I so loved our improv time during our sessions and it’s so vital in voiceover work. I had a great time coach, thanks for helping me grow even further and for helping me discover where my weakness are so I can improve upon them and eventually eliminate them altogether. 

Tivia Lynnell
Tivia LynnellVoice/Life Coaching (Online)

 Alicia helped me upgrade my online videos to make them more dynamic by providing me tools to enhance my performance and meet my audience's needs. She's a wise, inspiring person and teacher and I recommend her for anyone who wants to improve their performance and feel more empowered in themselves! 

Heather H
Heather HBusiness/Life Coaching (Online)

 Alicia is an awesome coach and motivational speaker. The lessons were very personalized and geared toward my specific Acting goals. She is personable, professional and positive all while helping to advance your craft! 

JasmineActing Lessons (Online)

 Alicia is so motivating to actors of any level and age. She brings her real life experience as a professional actor in major markets to her students. With her extensive knowledge of the industry she is able to take her students to the next level! I have loved working with Alicia and look forward to many more lessons! 

Kaitlin S
Kaitlin SPage Parkes Center of Modeling & Acting

 Alicia has the ability to pull the best out of every individual and I had the opportunity to work with her over 6 weeks while I was working on monologues/ prepping for auditions. She is straightforward, upfront, and her ability to coach and relay her thoughts to her students is what students need. She is able to use her experience in the industry and transfer that knowledge into material that most students can relate to/ use in their acting methods. I highly recommend Alicia! 

Ralph T
Ralph TActing Lessons (Studio/Private Training)

 I met Alicia through a school for modeling and acting, my daughter had just started classes there, I had previously submit her application for a short film audition, not affiliated with the school. I was nervous when contacted for the audition, knowing she has no experience, I mentioned her audition to Alicia and my fear, she was so excited for my daughter and was willing to work with her as her acting coach, my daughter not only got the part, I was told her audition was awesome. Alicia coached my daughter only twice before her actual location shoot day, I received so many compliments from the film director and camera crew how well my daughter played her role like a pro, thanks to Alicia. I recommend Alicia to a friend of mine in need of an acting coach for her 5yr old son, she is excited so is her son, he enjoys every minute with his coach. Alicia is the best and will bring out the best in her students. 

Olivia J
Olivia JActing Lessons (Studio/Private Training)

 We adore Alicia! My 7 year daughter has taken several classes with Alicia, and not only has her skill improved but she walks away with amazing confidence in what she learned. Alicia is very personable and professional. My daughter has bonded with her because Alicia knows how to make a strong connection with her students. We look forward to more training classes with her. 

Angela J
Angela JActing Lessons (Studio Training)

 Coach Alicia has been very proactive in helping our 5 year old son with acting. A church member recommended her to us. She is able to break everything down to our son’s level. Gemayel II has been improving weekly because of the private lessons offered by Coach Alicia. She is very accountable and trustworthy. Gemayel looks forward to working with Coach Alicia weekly. If you are in need of a great acting coach look no further. 

Ashley H
Ashley HActing Lessons (Private Training)

 Words cannot even do justice for the amazing work Alicia provides! My daughter(7) loves Alicia and looks forward to her weekly lessons. Even though these lessons were virtual, my daughter felt as if she was working with her in person. Alicia makes all of her lessons engaging and fun! She was very personable and works great with children! I am so glad we took lessons with her and can’t wait to apply all the material we learned with Alicia towards potential auditions! I wish we lived closer to take in person lessons! If you are wanting an amazing teacher who wants the best for your child, Alicia is the one to book lessons with! Stop looking and take Lessons with Alicia! 

Ashley R
Ashley RActing Lessons (Online)
  • Los Angeles, CA, United States
  • 90014


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