"If your dreams cannot be a reality then why do you have the ability to imagine...never give up." ~alicia amie 



Alicia Amie


" Love is what you make it so don't wait...Be love and love will Be you." ~Sincerely me


A God sent angel is the perfect way to describe exactly who she was

A blessing and gift sent from the Heavens high above

Touching many lives through her journeys here on earth

For her love was more precious than the value of any tangible worth

So captivating, so inspirational and nothing less than courageous

This was a woman of such compassion she never failed to overwhelm us

So from this day forth and until forever more

Her heart will sing in our souls and heal all pain that aches or feels sore

Like a sweet melancholy song

It will help us accept the ways of this world and triumphantly move on

If I could create my very own definition for the word angel from above

It would read sincerely Alice Newton Kemp with love

So now it's time to cry tears of joy for her life has not ended it has only begun

As she hops and skips through the pearly gates of Heaven at 98-years-young

                                                                                                                 -alicia amie