"If your dreams cannot be a reality then why do you have the ability to imagine...never give up." ~alicia amie 



Alicia Amie




Section I:  THE GIFT OF GIVING (inspired by Julie 'Jewels' Laguire)

Sometimes life can be very trying and troublesome if we allow ourselves to get wrapped up into what seems to be wrong in our Individual lives.   Now I highlight the word individual because to me this term creates a sense of separation from the rest of the world.    A couple of definitions for individual read as so,  (1) Of, by, or for one person.  (2) Single, separate. 

Throughout my journey in this humanistic life form one thing that I have fully come to accept is the fact that I am nothing without anyone or anything else.  Without me I see no you, and without you I see no me.  We are one in the same and ultimate reflections of what we can all be.

I have found that when I allow myself to be consumed with burdensome aspects of my Individual life I wallow in my own self-pity and misery.  Even as much as I attempt to convince myself I am stronger for focusing on me, in such a way, I always feel slighted in the end.

However, one thing that always makes me feel stronger and empowered is my ability to lend a helping hand to someone else in need.  This concept has brought me to believe that it is not all about me.  Better yet, life is about everyone and everything. 

For most of my life it was always about me, self-gain and personal advancement.  But one thing I have learned is what is life if you have no one to share it with.  My initial approach and self-gratifying behavior lead me to spending countless moments alone, pushing those who I loved the most the farthest away.

Nevertheless, instead of feeling sorry for myself, or sitting at the pity table with depressing Debra, I realized that whenever I could extend my focus to a problem other than my own everything was always better than before.

At this point in my life, I have come to the conclusion that if I can look beyond circumstantial evidence I can get to the grander prize.  For me, the grander prize is the satisfaction that comes from the gift of giving.


On the contrary, because there’s a yen to every yang I have further discovered that I must be careful and conscious, at all times, of whom I give to.



I recognize my emotions to be a form of purification for the mind, body and soul.   My emotions tell me which direction to go at all times, and if I cannot understand which direction to go then I remain still.

In order to stay still in the storm there must be a conscious minded perception that your choices will determine your outcome.  Having this perception gives you the upward advantage. 

From personal experience, to understand that all of my previous shortcomings and failures where a direct result of the choices I made in the past is the key to my future.  

Now is the perfect time to become conscious-minded and recognize that everything you have is a product of what you gave in the first place.  Regardless of your choice of diction everything you get is what you give. 

I also believe that everyone is the sum total of their life's events but in the same notion there comes a point and time to stop using the past as a crutch.  Instead, allow your memories of times past to become a stepping stone towards a better future.

I was once under the impression that life was about give and take.   Later, I decided it was just about giving and not looking for the return. I now choose to perceive life as a vibration and however I think, feel and act will directly connect me with the exact same vibration. 

When something is not right my intuition speaks to my heart through the channel of my emotions.  Therefore, when I experience dis-ease I do not think that something bad is happening.  Better yet, I listen to the pitter-patter of my heart and walk from there.  I may not know the solution right off hand but one thing that I understand, even more than I have before, is the value of patience.  Time reveals all answers if you’re willing to slow down and pay attention. 

PATIENCE IS VIRTUOUS...slower, lower and less is always more.

In addition, sometimes life can seem unfair and unjust even when you know you have given your best.  These are the times to lean on your faith and to believe that joy awaits you on the other side of your sorrow as long as you continue to progressively move forward.





In a world of chance and opportunity everyday can be a grander, bigger, better and brighter day.  If your situation appears to be tuff just hold on and know that you have the power to make it better.  The power of choice and free will is the greatest gift that Life has given us.  

Now is the time to stay focused on the values that are most important to you and live a life that truly matters. The next time your feeling down in your spirits just take a moment to brighten someone else's day and I guarantee the sun will shine on you as well.  Be high, happy and lifted and always remember to live... love... and laugh!

P.S. In order to love anyone-else unconditionally you must first learn to love yourself completely.